How should your website be?

As internet has evolved and changed during the years, so has it the creation of websites, now it's not necessary anymore an expensive, huge investment for becoming digital and get your own website. With our innovative method you will have your website created with a reasonable price and in few days!

How? Imagine your photos, locations, products and the story that's behind your work into this templates, this customizable model, that will allow you to have a preview of the future website. We can modify this web templates by adding and taking out several module, for making it better fit your needs and get you to pay just what you require.

What do you want to add? Some of the suggested elements that you can find here are "must have" for a website or an ecommerce and because of that they are usually already included into our web template. But some other elements will make the web template close to your ideal website, help to get close to your specific needs, to show you or your brand DNA: we will make it personalized without having it the costs of a website tailored for you.

  • Photogallery
  • Video
  • Responsive website
  • Map locating your business
  • Downloadable item
  • Main social connection
  • Shop
  • Instagram gallery
  • Facebook events connection
  • Diagram
  • Book a professional appointment
  • Blog


A minimal and stylish website, designed for the fashion industry and a true business card for who sale style. It has a home page and four pages dedicated to the shopping and equipped with a sorting engine. You will have a dedicated space for the news, an introduction to your brand, contacts, maps directions, and an overview of your other branches.

This web template is yours for 199 €


Here you can find a website dedicated to professionals like psychologist, life coach or dentist. It's comprehensive of three pages, with an homepage that include a form for booking an appointment, an overview of the office and of the professional. On the other two pages we discover a space for the different services offered, the fares, the offices, the field of expertise and an advice area (or published articles area).

This web template is yours for 69 €


A web page for who want to be known for his delicious food or even for his taste in selling fashion. It has inside three pages and includes the shop, to tempt your potential costumer to buy in the instant they get to know you. You will have an introduction to your brand, history and brand DNA, contacts, maps directions, an overview of your other branches and the Menu.

This web template is yours for 99 €


Choose something more captivating to introduce yourself, choose a simple and modern website. This is a one-page website that include different section and a navigation bar that helps to get through the website. It contains the following parts: introduction, work experience, reference, studies, skills and soft skills, picture of precedent work and contacts.

This web template is yours for 59 €

Creative studio

A web page for a small company or a creative freelance. It has inside a basic of everything you could need to get to be known to your potential costumer. It has three pages: the first one is for an overview of the company's works offer and has a space dedicated to a video, a photo gallery or a music player, then one page is for introducing the company staff and the last one has a contact form and localization map.

This web template is yours for 65 €


How about containing all the information about your wedding and the picture you will be taking in one place? With this single paged website your future guest will have every information on hand, they will reply to you invitation here, inform you about food issues, get the directions, have an overview of the wedding registry and much more.

This web template is yours for 85 €

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A personalized website will feel unique and yours without the costs of a tailored one!

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